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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tennessee's Brittany Maynard

John Jay Hooker is a familiar name in the state of Tennessee. Until recently he had been described in a tongue and cheek manner as a political gadfly and perennial candidate.   A gifted orator, born to a prominent family,  Hooker’s  verbiage  often got him in trouble as in 2010 when he had his law license suspended for thirty days  and was publicly censored for filing frivolous law suits and making statements regarding judges with “reckless disregard of their truth or falsity.”  Hooker is known for championing his causes with passion and flamboyance. Now in his eighties and diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, he is now being revered as Tennessee’s version of Brittany Maynard as he seeks to bring physician assisted suicide to his home state.

Tennessee, along with 45 other states, outlaws physician assisted suicide. This should not to be confused a patient’s right to decline treatments or use living wills to stipulate what measures they want used to keep them alive. It also does not prohibit the use of palliative care which has the purpose of relieving pain until natural death occurs. Physician assisted suicide would allow a doctor, upon request, to give a prescription for a lethal drug to end the life of the patient.  They alleviate pain by killing the patient.

A bill was introduced in the TN General Assembly earlier in the year by Democrats as a courtesy to Hooker  and met with a lukewarm but polite response.  It promptly was assigned to a summer study committee, a tactic used to gently end discussion.   Hooker, who never gently ends any discussion, brought a lawsuit against the state arguing that the law forbidding assisted suicide was unconstitutional, citing the privacy clause in the state constitution attempting to accomplish by judicial fiat what could not get done in the legislative body answerable to the people. That tactic has been used successfully before by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood to wipe out restrictions around legalized abortions passed by the state legislature. It took 14 years and amending the state constitution to correct this.

The liberal editorial board of the Tennessean quickly endorsed physician assisted suicide and lionized Hooker as a civil rights champion, not mentioning is earlier ties to the paper. They praised his fiery rhetoric as they endorsed him and his cause.

“At last month’s TedX Nashville conference, Hooker gave a rousing speech concerning his desire to take his life with a physician’s help, and it earned him a standing ovation after he recited at the end Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words: “Free at last, free at last.”
I sat through the two hour court case heard in Chancery Court on July 10th by Chancellor Carol McCoy. The state’s main argument was straightforward and asked the judge to dismiss the suit since public policy matters should be decided in the General Assembly and not the courts. They pointed out the state’s compelling interest in preserving all life and warned of the eroding protections for the vulnerable population that may be at risk with the overturning of this protective law. The poor, elderly, disabled, and mentally deficient citizens would be endangered as the right to duty quickly morphs into the duty to die.  Allowing assisted suicide would also erode the trust between patient and doctor who would go from healer to executioner.

What astounded me most about the arguments from the lawyers supporting assisted suicide was the amount of time spent on telling emotional stories laced with extreme hyperbole of slow, painful deaths emphasizing the discomfort of family members having to watch loved ones lose their bodily functions and dignity instead of focusing on legal merits of their argument. The hyperbole included a paper from a Vanderbilt professor describing a sick old woman (later identified as his mother) who stored up sleeping pills for her suicide and her distress when she could not find them at the appropriate time. 

When they did mention the merits of the case using the law, they argued that the Constitution should be an evolving and growing document that responds to changing times and poll numbers.  They referenced the growing aging population and said this may be in great demand by this age group!  Or do they mean in demand for this age group! Slip of the tongue, perhaps?? Their other legal argument centered on a privacy clause in the state constitution and that the current language in the law forbidding assisted suicide was vague.

Mr. Hooker seemed larger than life in the courtroom, though not speaking all cameras were trained on his every expression as his lawyer used terms as “rendezvous with death” and spoke of his desire to have dignity and die at home surrounded by loved ones.  While no one is challenging his right to discontinue treatments, the lawyer suggested that having a script for a lethal dosage may give someone like him the courage to go for the experimental trial, knowing they had the backup plan of the lethal meds at the ready.  His lawyer stoked fear insisting not allowing assisted suicide was like murder forcing the patient to endure a slow death.  He referred to the refusal of assisted suicide to being in hell continually tormented by the devil!

I cringed at weak and inappropriate attempts at humor comparing assisted suicide  to people with a fear of flying smuggling small bottles of vodka on the plane to ease their fear. I was most offended when they suggested that we are kinder to dogs that we put down with sorrow in our hearts. So much for the sanctity of human life!

After two hours of testimony, the Chancellor did not give her ruling pending the submission of supplemental briefs from each side. She promised to do her best to expedite her decision noting that time was of the essence for Hooker.

 As Mr. Hooker exited the courtroom, he was surrounded by reporters and cameras. He stopped to give a statement that was run on many media outlets.  Also exiting the courtroom in wheelchairs or with assistance were those representing Not Dead Yet or other disability rights organizations. They were largely ignored as they silently made their way past the crowd. So  this was the  marketing of the culture of death. I think they understood clearly what this action would mean for them. Their lives would be seen as less valuable and a burden on society. They understood the subtle way that they would be made to feel that society would be better if they would embrace this route.

 What I heard in that courtroom was  all about control. I want to decide how and when I die. As the  old Frank Sinatra song  says ...I did it my way!  God's way was not a concern.   I don't know Mr. Hooker's spiritual condition, but the  arguments on his behalf had a noticeable absence of any mention of prayer, faith,  peace, or eternal hope. It also was absent any recognized value to caring for the weak and vulnerable by caregivers or society. It reminds us that when God is not revered as the Author and Creator of life, the very sanctity of human life becomes dependent on polling numbers and we are all diminished.

As someone who lost a spouse to a malignant brain tumor  (the same tumor that Brittany Maynard suffered from) and  married to a man who also lost his first wife to the very  same brain tumor, we can attest that you can die a natural death, surrounded by loved ones with the assistance of palliative care. Caring for them was not a burden, but an honor and privilege that we cherish. Every day, hour and minute they lived was  precious to us.  They were the true heroes. They had death with dignity.

Pix: Nashville Public Radio WPLN

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 6-26-15

Cross posted at Jill
by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

A parting note from Susie:

I have co-authored the Blog Buzz (formerly called Proliferations) for five years. Time flies when you are having fun. I can think of no better movement to dedicate your life to than protecting the sanctity of all human life. Congratulations to Jill as she starts on a new venture in a new season of her life. I have learned so much from contributing to this blog and hope the readers will look for ways they too can take a stand for life in their own sphere of influence. As Jill did not seek the spotlight years ago, she did not shrink from the cause when it came to her. Look what she has done! We all have a sphere of influence and a talent. How exciting to see what we can do when we use our God-given talents. You may surprise yourself. Join the cause and press on.

For Life,
Susie Allen

Pro-Life Action League’s vigilance found that National Health Care, an abortion facility in Peoria, Illinois, has been sold to Whole Woman’s Health, a Texas abortion chain:
In a letter sent to the IDPH on May 27, NHC administrator Margaret Van Duyn says, referring to Whole Woman’s, “They provide the same quality of care that we do” — which is to say, the same low-quality care. Take, for example, the Whole Woman’s abortion facility in Austin, from which three (3) women were transported by ambulance during a one-month period in 2012. What’s more, as documented by our friends at, the Whole Woman’s Austin andMcAllen facilities were also fined a total of $40,000 in 2011 for illegal disposal of the remains of aborted children, as well as private medical records.

ProLifeBlogs shares a post from Lake County Right to Life regarding the newest venture of Women on Waves, an abortion advocacy group specializing in bringing abortion to women in countries where it is banned. Their latest plan: Using a drone to drop abortion pills in Poland. No doctor visit, not even a webcam consultation. Just RU-486 from the sky, cross your fingers, and hope that nothing goes wrong when taking chemical abortifacients without medical supervision. The pills are supposed to be suitable only for pregnancies up to nine weeks. What could possibly go wrong?

Saynsumthn’s Blog meticulously documents the heavy involvement of eugenics proponent Jonathan Gruber in the crafting of Obamacare – despite the fact that so many in the Obama Administration acted as if they’d barely heard of him. He pocketed $400k for his consultations with the administration. What is significant is that Gruber, as part of his eugenic views, supports abortion as a means to achieve his goal of saving welfare money by eliminating more children of color. Perhaps #BlackLivesMatter to this administration only when it’s politically expedient?

Wesley J. Smith believes that there is a media effort underway “to make suicide more palatable and normalized – at least for some categories of people.” The new AP Stylebook used by journalists recommends avoidance of the term “committed suicide” unless a direct authority is being quoted. Why? Smith opines: 
My theory – call it Smith on media bias – is that advocates convinced AP that using the word “committed” – even though accurate, as it means to intentionally perform an act – implied a negative judgment about that act. And that conflicts with the drive to make at least some suicides more palatable generally – or to put it the other way around – that not all suicides are bad or wrong. In short, this is a political act – not the first by AP in this regard, heck, not even the second – and it won’t be the last.

Americans United for Life has just released a must-read, comprehensive report showing how Planned Parenthood has built a lucrative business model from ending human lives – and we, the taxpayers, are helping them to do so with our tax dollars. “The New Leviathan” details how the billion-dollar abortion profiteer has increased its profits and market share, even as fewer U.S. women seek abortions:
Unlike the national trend observed by the Associated Press last week, the Centers for Disease Control, and everywhere else that abortions are on the decline, at Planned Parenthood abortion sales are up – meanwhile its overall patients and other services are down. This is as a result of a move to create abortion mega-centers to mass-produce abortions at an even deadlier rate.

[Photos via (from Women on Waves); Americans United for Life]

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Governor Haslam signs three pro life bills into law showcasing grassroots victory over abortion industry $$$

Tennesseans scored a huge victory last November when they voted to change the state constitution to correct an egregious decision by the state Supreme Court in September of 2000 that found a right to abortion in our state constitution, thus negating the  enforcement of bills previously  passed  to regulate abortion.

Despite being outspent 4-1 by the abortion industry and their allies from out of state, the tenacity of the grassroots paid off.  Yesterday, Governor Haslam signed into law three bills that were recently passed by the state legislature mandating informed consent, 48 hour waiting period, and my personal favorite, that all abortion facilities must be inspected and meet the same standards as other same day surgery centers.

What a victory for all Tennesseans.  Other states are certainly taking notice as the abortion industry  has consistently used the courts to accomplish what they could not at the ballot box. It took 15 long years, but the persistence of grassroots that also changed the legislature to a solid pro life majority was also key.

Victory was sweet, but the celebration lasts for a short time and the culture of death is angry. They are now attacking the vulnerable by trying to advance physician assisted suicide in our state.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Banner day for pro life Tennessee

Rep. Susan Lynn photo
How sweet it is in Tennessee! 

Today saw landmark decisions in the state legislature when two bills were passed overwhelmingly  in the House,  having previously passed in  the same overwhelming manner in the Senate. They are now on their way to Governor Haslam who is expected to sign these bills.

These bills will implement informed consent, 48 hour waiting period after receiving this information, and requiring that abortion facilities performing 50 abortions per year  be licensed and inspected by the Department of Health. 

Tennessee used to have these protections before being  hit with  a  lawsuit   by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  They  sued to remove three regulations around abortion that had been voted into place by bi partisan legislators. These were informed consent, 48 hour waiting period, and that later term abortions must be done in hospital settings. The decision was announced September 15, 2000 in their favor by the TN Supreme Court, and with it the justices found  a broad right to an abortion in our state Constitution.  Their  decision  prevented any regulation from being enforced that could not pass a strict scrutiny standard.

This decision  emboldened an abortionist operating  two facilities to sue when the Department of Health when they  tried to inspect the centers and demand that he meet the standards of same day surgery centers. He prevailed in court by saying he was operating under a doctor’s office license and did not have to meet these regulations unless he performed a substantial number of abortions. The court did not define what constitutes a substantial number leaving it unanswered; so he was  free to operate using this loophole. Others followed suit. As a result Tennessee became known as the abortion mecca of the southeast and ranked  third state nationally for out of state women coming to get their abortions.

The dissenting judge from the 2000 decision advised the only remedy for the people was to enact an amendment to the constitution stating that it was silent on the issue of abortion and allowing the people to once again speak through their elected legislators to enact regulations around abortions. Amending the Constitution is an arduous process. It must pass the General Assembly by a simple majority, followed by a super majority, appear on the ballot in a year that a Governor is elected and pass by at least 50% plus one of the number of votes cast for Governor.

 It took 14 years to get to this point for it to be on the ballot. Along the way, it was essential for the pro life issue to be front and center in elections changing the  political landscape dramatically. This battle  received national attention. On  November 4, 2014 despite  being outspent 3-1 ,  having  all four major city newspapers endorse the Planned Parenthood position, the pro-life amendment known as Amendment One  relied upon a strong grassroots effort in all 95 counties and  focused  on the power of the pulpit to win  53% to 47% in Tennessee.

The first legislative session began in January, 2015 and today's landmark passage of these three protections was a sweet victory for many.

Tennessee Right to Life thanks the people of Tennessee who supported Amendment 1 and the many legislative sponsors and supporters of these bills to protect the health and safety of women and girls,” said Brian Harris, the organization’s president. “Children will now be given a better chance at life because their mothers and families had the extra time and opportunity to make fully informed decisions.”
Today’s losers? “Those who profit from unregulated abortion in Tennessee,” said Harris. Winners? “Women, girls and families are empowered by the requirement that adequate and accurate information is provided to assure careful decisions to protect health and life in our state."

Thursday, April 9, 2015

TN: Knoxville abortionist compares abortion to a face lift....

Dr. Susan Dodd, abortionist from Knoxville TN took time away from her busy practice to come to Nashville on April 8th to lobby and testify against a bill for informed consent for women considering abortion. She feels that it is too cumbersome for the busy abortionist to meet with the patient and answer the questions about the irreversible procedure of abortion.

  Ed Albin of TN Right to Life was in the hearing room to listen to the lengthy debate over providing informed consent and establishing a 48 hour waiting period after the informed consent. He reports...

 "House Bill 0977 requiring informed consent and a 48-hour waiting period passes the House Health Committee by voice vote after lengthy debate! It will now move to House Calendar. Thanks to sponsors Reps. Matthew Hill and Debra Moody. This after Knoxville abortionist, Dr. Susan Dodd, testified that "abortions are safer than carrying a pregnancy" and compared having an abortion to a face lift and a colonoscopy."
 Her comments start around 2:23.

Photo: Vote No on 1TN campaign

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 3-3-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

Live Action News says the new interactive game “Fusion” (on a website that includes writers like the founding editor of pro-abortion, profane Jezebel) in which players pretend to lead a South Dakota woman through several supposedly real-life scenarios – but they all suggest abortion is the correct answer to the dilemma. Hmm, no agenda there: What if the woman does choose to keep the baby?

If she chooses to have the woman keep the baby, then she either still ends up having the abortion because of a partial placental abruption, or she has the baby and ends up sick, in premature labor, and with mountains of debt.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life points out that the United Nations – which ignores the “discriminatory killing of female children through sex-selective abortion and infanticide” – has designated March 1st as Zero Discrimination Day. MCCL “implores all nations to… speak out against the denial of health care to the needy and elderly, and to stand up for the disabled who are pushed toward euthanasia and assisted suicide.”

Kansans for Life responds to abortion supporters’ desperate attempts to link a dismemberment abortion bill to miscarriage management:
On the actual issue of SB 95 – the barbarity of dismemberment – we have heard mostly silence from abortion supporters, with an implicit (or explicit) denial that a baby could feel pain at having his or her body demolished one piece at a time.
Do abortion supporters expect that the same public that wholeheartedly supports humane treatment for animals will excuse what happens to a human baby in this kind of abortion?

40 Days for Life discusses fasting (usually less emphasized than prayer), with suggestions for five different forms of fasting in which Christians can participate.

Down on the Pharm shows us how the issue of illegal immigration has become a pro-life issue as the Department of Health and Human Services will begin paying for unaccompanied minors’ abortions. This should help to line the pockets of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

Abstinence Clearinghouse says the person to blame for society’s fascination with things like 50 Shades of Grey is “researcher” Alfred Kinsey:
Kinsey’s distorted and fictional views of human sexuality has had a direct negative impact on the nation’s morality over the past several decades. [Judith] Reisman believes that the releases of this movie is the perfect opportunity for Congress to step in an begin an investigation of Kinsey’s research methods and results. To read Reisman’s full article on her allegations against Kinsey, click here.

Expose Abortion features an interesting quote from pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf on the pro-life movement’s use of the images of abortion victims:
So what will it be: Wanted fetuses are charming, complex, REM-dreaming little beings whose profile on the sonogram looks just like Daddy, but unwanted ones are mere ‘uterine material’? How can we charge that it is vile and repulsive for pro-lifers to brandish vile and repulsive images if the images are real? To insist that the truth is in poor taste is the very height of hypocrisy

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Pro-life blog buzz 2-27-15

 from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

John Smeaton comments on the defeat of a sex-selection abortion ban in the UK. Opponents of the ban were apparently afraid it might “confer personhood on the foetus.”

Saynsumthn’s Blog reports that the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, school board voted to allow Planned Parenthood to have access to their students in 7th and 8th grade. No doubt this will increase Planned Parenthood’s customer base in the future, as these students become sexually active. Interestingly, the school board made their decision in part due to PP’s ability to garner favor with HHS and to obtain grants. Follow the money trail.

Secular Pro-Life features another in their series of analyzing abortion facility websites – American Family Planning of Pensacola, owned and operated by Steven Chase Brigham, whose medical license has been revoked in numerous states. SPL says, “AFPP’s website is full of troubling statements. That’s especially true of its section on medical abortion (abortion by pill).”

Operation Rescue exposes the fact that a Wichita, Kansas, abortion clinic is employing Dr. Leslie Page, an obstetrician who was disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for “professional incompetency”:
It appears that Page is too incompetent to deliver live babies, but it’s apparently fine for her to deliver dead ones through abortions,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This tragically places women in the risky position of being treated by someone the Board considered too incompetent to practice in a field closely related to abortions. This places women’s lives and health in danger.

Dr. Michael New reviews the late Dr. Jack Willke’s book:
Willke and his wife Barbara co-authored over a dozen books on abortion and human sexuality. Their most recent book, Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement, was published last fall. Willke and his wife, who passed away in 2013, spent several years on this book, which provides a detailed history of the pro-life movement in the United States. Documenting this history was an important task. While plenty has been written debating and analyzing the moral and legal foundations of abortion, the history of abortion-related activism has received precious little attention from either journalists or academics.

ProLife365 shares the powerful post-abortive testimony of a woman who had multiple abortions to prove “it didn’t hurt” her:
I’ve thoughts about why I kept doing that to myself, getting pregnant and having abortions in an endless cycle. I feel like I did it because I had to prove to myself that I was right. I had to prove to myself that it didn’t hurt, that I could go through it over and over again and it wouldn’t hurt. The more I did it, the less it hurt, physically and emotionally. I deadened myself to pain — to right and wrong. Until finally, with the last one, it didn’t hurt at all….

Reflections of a Paralytic makes the case against three-parent embryos in this video interview with Stuart Newman, Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at New York Medical College:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 2-20-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

Wesley J. Smith examines a New York Times article which celebrates “a woman who waxes ecstatically about choosing the characteristics of her baby – apparently including his sex – as if she were buying a camp shirt at Tommy Bahama.” Smith mourns the fact that our society has become so self-centered and consumer-focused “that we presume the right to both have a baby and the baby we want.”

Survivors lists four things we can learn from civil rights hero Rosa Parks, applying this knowledge to combatting the horror of abortion.

Right to Life of Michigan says The Women’s Pavilion, an abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana, will soon have its license revoked due to failure to correct multiple health violations:
The clinic’s abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer [pictured above], has had a variety of run-ins with the law including his failure to report statutory rape after performing abortions on 13-year-old girls.
Just another reason why clinic inspections are important.

Secular Pro-Life has a new series of blog posts which “deconstruct bizarre, disingenuous, and otherwise noteworthy statements on abortion center websites.” After reviewing the website for Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery, they had this interesting observation:
There is also a page entitled “Patient Comments,” but upon a close reading, the comments appear to come from political supporters rather than patients. None say anything specific about having had an abortion at RHS (e.g. “The staff treated me well”). One talks about having an abortion in 1973 (before RHS existed); another identifies herself as the mother of a newborn; another talks about wanting abortion to be legal when her four-year-old daughter grows up; and another refers to women she knows who have had abortions, rather than referring to herself. 
The comment that really gave me chills, though, was the last one:“I have cared for 53 foster teenagers, most of them born unwanted. I couldn’t appreciate what you are doing more!”
Dude. If you truly believe that the children in your care would have been better off dead, you have no business whatsoever being a foster parent. I hope those 53 teenagers got out of this person’s home with some measure of their self-esteem intact.

ProWomanProLife has an astute comment on the article regarding a Canadian OB-GYN who was recently removed from his job because he put women at risk:
Dr. Michel Ronald Prevost [pictured above], an Almonte, Ont., gynecologist, admitted he gave abortion patients incorrect doses of medication that resulted in fetal abnormalities in two pregnancies that went to term.

That the doctor in question was trying as a matter of routine to kill babies bothers no one. That he wasn’t very good at it, however, now THAT’S a problem.

John Smeaton discloses the funding of an educational program for teachers which is intended to help them identify safe and unsafe sexual behaviors among children:
The UK law is clear that sexual activity under the age of 16 is unlawful. Nevertheless, the Department for Education has funded and recommended as a useful resource a Brook “traffic light” system that condones underage sex. The system has been adopted by at least one County Council. (Brook Advisory Service is one of Britain’s leading abortion referral organisations, specialising in advising young people – including those under 16 – about abortion, sex, STIs etc).

The traffic light system is not distributed to young people but is intended to “inform” teachers and other professionals working with children and young people.The tool identifies green, amber and red behaviours. Green behaviours – according to Brook – “reflect safe and healthy sexual development”, and “provide opportunities to give positive feedback”. Those behaviours include “consenting oral and/or penetrative sex with others of the same or opposite gender who are of similar age and developmental ability” – even where those engaged in the activities are in the 13-15 age group.

Activities classified as amber rather than red include “following others into toilets or changing rooms to look at them or touch them” and “pulling other children’s pants down/skirts up/trousers down against their will”. These behaviours, according to Brook, merely “have the potential” to be unsafe and unhealthy behavior.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 2-17-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

ProLife NZ says just as the word “abortion” is used less and less in favor of other terminology, the culture of death is now searching for a term to replace “suicide”:
[A] survey asks readers what they think of the following terms: self-deliverance, dying with dignity, rational suicide, humane self-chosen death and a freshly-minted euphemism, dignicide.”… However, after mulling over the proposed words, I must say that “dignicide” has some merit. This coinage means not death with dignity, but the death of dignity – which is exactly what assisted suicide is.

Reflections of a Paralytic applauds the showcasing of American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer (pictured above), who has Down syndrome, as a runway model in New York Fashion Week.

At ProLife365, Kevin Kukla shares his most memorable experiences with sidewalk counseling, and encourages pro-lifers to get involved.

Pro-Life Action League reports on a fundraising email from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in which she accuses pro-lifers blocking a New Orleans mega abortion facility of “hate”:
Cecile Richards and her team of expensive consultants at Planned Parenthood know full well that talking about abortion is a loser for her side, and it doesn’t take much grey matter to understand why. The latest proof comes just this week with the release of a new Gallup poll showing increasing discontent with current U.S. abortion policies among the general public.

And so, consequently, the nation’s largest abortion chain talks about abortion as little as possible, and spends twice as much time saying that those of us who oppose it are guilty of that most contemptible of sins, hatred. This sounds an awful lot like the “war on women” rhetoric that was — and, to a much smaller extent, still is — so popular among committed abortion supporters, although it’s pretty clear that this strategy has been a failure.

So too, from a P.R. standpoint, playing the hate card isn’t going to work. But it will surely make Planned Parenthood a lot of money.

Wesley J. Smith reports that not one, not two, but three physicians have signed declarations that Jahi McMath is not brain dead and a request is forthcoming asking the state of California to rescind her death certificate:
The family attorney Chris Dolan says he will petition the California Secretary of State to rescind the death certificate….

Attorney Dolan says that if the Secretary doesn’t give relief, he will sue.

But why should that be necessary? Given the declarations by three reputable brain specialist doctors and others, at the very least the Secretary should conduct a thorough investigation, including a full medical reassessment.

Jahi is owed that.

The integrity of the system demands it.

And if the unprecedented has happened–that a declared brain dead person ceased being
brain dead–finding out what happened and why is absolutely in the interests of science.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 2-13-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

Kansans for Life calls out the media for biased reporting on the cost of defending pro-life laws in Kansas – with headlines like “$1.2 million paid in attorney fees to defend anti-abortion laws.” Maybe if the abortion lobby didn’t continue bringing the lawsuits, the state – which is continually winning, by the way – wouldn’t have to pay any attorney fees. Problem solved, eh?

Abstinence Clearinghouse says “children as young as ten-years old have been given a contraceptive implant by the National Health Services, regardless of the fact that they are under the age of consent.” And going beyond this, the NHS doesn’t even have to tell the 10-year-old’s parents – because fifth-graders are so very mature, apparently:
If you’re under 16 and want contraception, the doctor, nurse or pharmacist won’t tell your parents (or caregiver) as long as they believe you fully understand the information you’re given, and your decisions .Hmm. To what other drugs or medical procedures does this apply, I wonder? UK parents, take note. “Free” government services may come at the price of you not being told about something that can damage your child’s health.

Bound4Life features an interview with Dr. Michael New, whose “unimpeachable research: interpreting data on the number of abortions, abortion rates, and the effectiveness of pro-life advocacy to save lives” is well respected in the academic and pro-life communities.

The Vine recaps the chilling cases of doctors deciding that infants and children with disabilities no longer need to live. In some cases, lifesaving treatment is withheld, and in others, it is removed, along with hydration and nutrition.

Big Blue Wave says Ottawa abortionist Dr. Michel Ronald Prevost (pictured right) has resigned after being found “incompetent in his practice of obstetrics and gynecology”:
"He displayed a lack of judgment and patients were exposed to harm or injury in his failure to properly screen patients for medical terminations, in his failure to calculate doses of Methotrexate on the basis of his patients’ respective body surface areas, and in his failure to follow up with patients, including when he was aware that patients had on-going gestations after the administration of Methotrexate,” the decision said. “In the cases of ongoing gestations, the patients’ fetuses were exposed to risk of harm, in that they were exposed to Methotrexate and Misoprostol.”
Yes, we’re talking about RU-486, which the abortion industry wants available to women through the mail and remotely.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life speaks against the pro-assisted suicide ruling in Canada, showing concern for the possible trajectory that the country may be set upon due to the Supreme Court’s decision – namely, suicide tourism, as happened in Switzerland. The ruling makes vulnerable the country’s “disabled, ill and elderly citizens.”

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 2-10-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

At New Feminism, Jennifer Lahl decries California’s new bill that would allow birth certificates to become politicized “by allowing each parent to self-identify as mother, father, or simply ‘parent.'” Lahl argues that this could potentially do a great disservice to “adoptees and those born of anonymous donors”:
The birth certificate legally documents who a child’s parents are. That is, who the birth mother and birth father are. It is a record of who is genetically related to a child. It is not intended to be a means by which adults decide what they want to be called. Rather, it answers the question, who can this child’s beginning be traced to? Who gave birth? Who died?

Secular Pro-Life says Planned Parenthood supporters are blatantly lying (shocker, I know!) about the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which SPL states “will not reduce government funding for women’s health care. Not by a single penny! The Act will merely affect how Title X funding is distributed to the health care entities seeking family planning grants.”
What this means is the facilities that perform abortions “will be passed over in favor of those that do not. Among those that do not are more than 8,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers — not-for-profit neighborhood health clinics that provide affordable medical care on a sliding scale.” More than 8,000 (see graphic, left). And yet, Planned Parenthood wants the public to believe that they’re the only place women can get medical care like breast exams, mammogram referrals, and pap smears. 
Sometimes facts don’t fit on bumper stickers as well as hysterics do.

John Smeaton weighs in on Canada’s recent Supreme Court decision ruling that doctors may help their patients commit suicide:
This heart-breaking decision will not only affect our Canadian readers, but will inevitably set an unofficial precedent for courts in the U.S. and elsewhere.  Our readers in those countries need to be aware of this decision, in order to be better prepared to oppose this encroaching element of the Culture of Death.

Saynsumthn’s Blog cross-posts a Life Dynamics report on a Texas pedophile (Roy Wayne Jackson, Jr., pictured above) who was finally sentenced to two life sentences for raping a 12-year-old and years later, raping the teen’s daughter (beginning at age 8). He also took his victims for abortions, which were not reported by the abortion facilities, allowing the abuse to continue for years. Because the abortion industry winks at sex trafficking and statutory rape, pedophiles are given a pass to continue victimizing girls.

At thirtyone8, Andy Moore lists what he deems the best anti-abortion anthems.

Wesley J. Smith is understandably alarmed that Robert Latimer, a man convicted of murdering his disabled daughter, has become something of a hero in Canada – and, naturally, the face of the movement supporting euthanasia:
The murder of anyone threatens everyone. Moreover, the vocal support he received revealed an ugly and alarming vein of anti-disability disdain within the Canadian soul.

[Photos via Secular Pro-life and Saynsumthn’s Blog]