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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pro-life blog buzz 11-11-14

Pro-life blog buzz 11-11-14

TN: Pro life amendment wins at ballot box so abortion supporters file suit in federal court to void results...

Once again, what the abortion industry could not achieve at the ballot box, they seek to achieve using the unelected judiciary.   Planned Parenthood is smarting over the fact that the power of the pulpit and grassroots activism rose to the challenge, despite being outspent nearly 3-1, endorsements of all four major newspapers , and some Hollywood celebrities to pass a pro-life amendment on November 4 th.
Following a clear defeat when Amendment 1 passed 53%-47% in Tennessee, Planned Parenthood board members and supporters filed a lawsuit  in federal court with to have the election results thrown out.   They basically want each vote hand counted, and thrown out if they voted yes on one and skipped voting in the Governor’s race. They further ask that if that is not possible, to have the election results voided and another election held.
Four amendments were on the ballot in November and they all passed. But this is the one that the abortion industry is focused on, as it is clearly driven by passion for unbridled abortion profits and not any constitutional principle.
State officials have called the lawsuit absurd, but note that the plaintiffs have filed a federal lawsuit, hoping for a more liberal audience. Planned Parenthood officials are not officially commenting, denying any connection with the suit, despite the fact that the lead plaintiff starred in one of their commercials that was named as the most dishonest of the season and is their Chair of their Board in Nashville. This is a point most media reports have ignored.  Already, Op Eds are appearing, supporting this suit from news outlets that endorsed them and clearly have egg on their face for their lack of influence.
Yes on 1 have responded to the suit, showing that even if you manage to weed out those who declined to vote in the governor’s race, the amendment still would enjoy nearly 20,000  yes votes, enough to pass.
David Fowler, an attorney and one of the members of the coalition for Yes on 1 suggested that the state Attorney General should seek sanctions against them for this specious lawsuit.
Jeff Teague, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, acknowledged in a post mortem that Tennessee is a pro-life state; however it is clear that they are willing to thwart the will of the people to protect their profits.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

TN: David and Goliath battle follows biblical script....

Despite being outspent 3-1 ,  having  all four major city newspapers endorse the Planned Parenthood position, the pro-life amendment known as Amendment One  relied upon a strong grassroots effort in all 95 counties and  focused  on the power of the pulpit to win  53% to 47% in Tennessee.

Brian Harris, President of Tennessee Right to Life summed up the winning strategy that may be described as a classic David and Goliath battle.

"We recognized that we would never have the financial resources of the abortion industry so began planning long ago to build a team of advocates who could educate and organize their local communities," Harris said. That effort paid off, especially in rural regions of the state where volunteers raised funds and awareness of both the amendment and the 2000 court ruling in Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v Sundquist, a decision which claimed a fundamental right to abortion.”

The previous post explained the significance of this battle, not only for Tennessee, but for the signal it would send to the rest of the country, especially the 15 other states  similarly attacked in the courts by the abortion industry. This should also encourage them to follow the lead of the Volunteer State.   Had it failed, it would have emboldened the abortion industry to attack the remaining 34 states as needed with their winning strategy of using the courts to find a right to abortion in their state constitution to effectively block pro-life legislation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One of Tennessee's unlicensed abortion centers exposed in 911 call

Pro-Life in TN updates on the efforts to pass Tennessee’s Amendment 1, which would again make the state constitution neutral on the issue of abortion. This would allow elected legislators the right to regulate legal abortion. Currently, state lawmakers have no ability to require abortion facilities meet the standards of other same-day surgery centers. With no way to require that facilities meet certain standards, and no informed consent or waiting periods, a dangerous “let the buyer beware” situation exists.
Click here for the video...

TN: Women's Center in Nashville 911 call. Owned and operated by dr. who used disastrous ruling in 2000 to run one of his two unregulated abortion centers.

Opponents of Yes on One insist that all abortion facilities in Tennessee do meet the standards of other ambulatory treatment surgery centers. While some facilities maintain that licensing, after the 2000 ruling by four unelected justices of the TN Supreme Court that found a broad right to abortion in the state constitution, this physician used the ruling as a precedent to challenge the requirement that doctor owned and operated abortion centers did not have to follow those regulations.
So it is a let the buyer beware for women and girls in Tennessee. Tennessee is now the third state in the nation for out of state abortions. The dissenting judge advised that the only way Tennesseans can restore their voice to enact regulations around legal abortion is to pass an amendment stating that the constitution of the state is neutral on the issue of abortion.
The abortion industry is using their "deep pockets" from affiliate Planned Parenthood's around the country along with the ACLU funding from in and out of state to blanket the airways with ads that are trying to state that abortions are safe in TN and that this will seek to ban all abortions even to save the life of the mother.

Here the recording here from one of the unlicensed and unregulated abortion centers in Nashville that court out of state women with coupons and discounts.

Video published in Tennessean.